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Street Plans is currently working on the following projects: City of Miami Beach Bicycle Master Plan and Street Design Guide - City of San Francisco Public Space Stewardship Guide - The Harbor Ring (NY + NJ) - City of Pinecrest Route One Pedestrian Plan - City of Ponderay Sub-Area Plan - City of Ponderay Form-Based Code - City of Ponderay Greenways + Pathways Plan - City of Westhaven Connecticut TOD Master Plan - Lewiston-Auburn Complete Streets Plan and Best Management Practice Guide - University of California-Berkeley Undergraduate Experience Engagement Plan - Burlington, VT Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan All project updates will be provided in our Heard on The Street page, and descriptions added as these projects are finished. Stay tuned!

Miami, FL 2030 Bicycle Master Plan

The City of Miami was ranked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top three worst cities for bicycling in 2008. Building from previous advocacy and planning efforts with the City of Miami, Street Plans was hired in 2009 to complete the city’s first comprehensive bicycle master plan.

Plan El Paso, El Paso, TX

In collaboration with Dover Kohl and Partners, Street Plans contributed to a multi-phase comprehensive planning effort for the City of El Paso, Texas. In the first phase, Street Plans joined the team to help calibrate the SmartCode for select Transit-Oriented Development Areas surrounding the existing and proposed Bus Rapid Transit stations. Street Plans also helped the project team formulate a vision for each TOD site, contributing to infill master plans produced substantially at the first visioning charrette. These plans included implementing a multi-modal vision intended to guide future municipal investment in not just transit, but an increase in bicycle and pedestrian mode share.

Connecting El Paso - Transit Oriented Development Plan

Connecting El Paso was the first project in an ongoing collaboration with Dover Kohl & Partners where Street Plans provided transportation, urban design, and digital media services for the City of El Paso.

El Paso Smart Code Applications

Following the passage of the El Paso Comprehensive Plan, Street Plans was tasked with producing a series of SmartCode applications for key locations around the city. As with previous El Paso SmartCode work, Street Plans based the applications on the area master plan work accomplished in one of the many multi-week long charrettes during the comprehensive plan process. Each master plan is now codified under the SmartCode using a custom designed SmartCode Application, which are used by the City Economic Development Department to promote growth in infill areas and fully leverage ongoing transit investments with the best possible complimentary land use.

Westminster, CO Bicycle Master Plan

With The City of Westminster and its citizens, Street Plans completed the City’s first bicycle master plan.

Allentown, PA Pedestrian + Bicycle Improvement Plan

The Street Plans Collaborative worked with Sam Schwartz Engineers and McTish, Kunkel & Associates in completing the Allentown, PA Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Plan.

Miami, FL Health District Bicycle + Pedestrian Study

Teaming with HNTB, The Street Plans Collaborative completed a detailed bicycle and pedestrian study for Miami’s Health District. This approximately one-square mile area is home to many of the region’s hospitals and medical research facilities, as well as the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

Brighton Boulevard FHWA Context-Sensitive Technical Assistance Plan

On behalf of the Federal Highway Administration, Street Plans joined Project for Public Spaces in providing technical assistance to the City of Denver in the re-design of Brighton Boulevard. Brighton Boulevard is the primary orridor between downtown Denver and Intestate 70, and is characterized by fading industrial land uses and an auto-dominated transportation infrastructure.

Albuquerque, NM Rio Grande Boulevard Corridor Plan

In 2010, Dover Kohl & Partners completed the Rio Grande Master Plan. Located on the northwest side of Albuquerque, Rio Grande Boulevard is the main north-south corridor connecting the Old Town neighborhood with the neighborhoods of the Upper Valley. At present, the Boulevard functions as a suburban arterial roadway capable of moving high volumes of motor vehicles. The Plan calls for preserving and building upon the most positive attributes found within the corridor but also calls for enhancing the quality of future development by closely coordinating land use, form, and transportation planning and design decisions.

University of Miami Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Study

The University of Miami has made great strides toward reducing the effect of car travel on its Coral Gables campus. Now, the challenge is to extend those efforts to the areas directly surrounding the campus to ensure that the resident university population can safely enter and leave campus as pedestrians or cyclists.

Trailnet “We Know A Better Way” Multimedia Campaign

Trailnet, the St. Louis region’s leading bicycle advocacy organization, retained Street Plans to develop a multimedia bicycling encouragement campaign to be rolled out during Bike Month (May) and the Shift Your Commute Challenge (September).

Rhode Island Healthy Places By Design Bicycle + Pedestrian Planning Trainings

Rhode Island’s Healthy Places by Design pilot program was developed to strengthen and integrate land use, transportation and urban design policies. The goal of the initiative is to inform local ordinances that guide the decision making process to be more supportive of health, particularly as it relates to physical activity and healthy eating.

Queens Boulevard Design Guide + Precedent Study

For too long, New Yorkers have been the victim of Queens Boulevard’s dangerous conditions. Queens Boulevard prioritizes the fast travel of people driving at the expense of all other forms of transportation. This has comes at a steep price: ever since traffic crash data was made public and mapped, Queens Boulevard topped the list of New York City’s most dangerous streets.

5401 North Bicycle Plan Raleigh, NC

Nestled between the Louisburg Road, Highway 540, and the Neuse River Greenway Trail, the 5401 Northproject is a proposed mixed-use neighborhood development designed by Dover Kohl & Partners and developed by CPRT. The project site is also located just to the south of Wake Tech campus, which features the full-time equivalent of 13,000 students, and already includes a middle school.

Brunswick, ME Master Plan

The Street Plans Collaborative worked alongside The Project for Public Spaces in completing a downtown and corridor vision plan in Brunswick, Maine, a historic college town that has long served as the gateway to the State’s beautiful mid-coast region.

Bicycle City, SC

Bicycle City has a long and ongoing development history. The project was initially conceived by founder/developer Joe Mellett in the early 1990s. Early models were built and drawings were created to share the vision of what, and how a new car-free community could be developed in the United States.

City of Fitchburg, WI SmartCode Update

The SmartCode is a model form-based code that folds zoning, subdivision regulations, urban design, public works standards and basic architectural controls into one compact document. Available for all scales of planning, the model code is designed to be calibrated to the specific character and aspirations of the municipality in which it is applied.

The Harbor Ring New York + New Jersey

The Harbor Ring is a proposed 50-mile cycling and pedestrian route encircling New York Harbor. The route would integrate 28 miles of existing shared-use paths and bikeways connecting Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bayonne, Jersey City, and Hoboken, and would include another 20 miles of bikefriendly streets. Most of the 50-mile route can presently be used by pedestrians, cyclists, runners, and skaters.

Albemarle Region, NC Bicycle Master Plan

Street Plans is currently assisting the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the Albemarle Rural Planning Organization (RPO), and Alta Planning + Design team with the creation of a regional bicycle master plan. Located in northeast North Carolina, the predominantly rural 10-county Albemarle region is comprised of natural preserves, productive farmland, and a scattering of hamlets, villages, and small towns. The region is also home to the beaches of the Outer Banks, which attract hundreds of thousands of people each summer, many who enjoy and desire safe and attractive bicycling conditions.

Cambridge , MA Cambridge in Motion

Street Plans helped SCM Community Transportation develop a new program called Cambridge in Motion (CIM), an innovative program to improve access to transportation for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. In recognition of the isolation and other barriers experienced by seniors and people with disabilities, CIM developed and provided a user-friendly system that would connect all of those who live, work, visit, or worship in Cambridge to safe, reliable, accessible and costeffective community-based transportation. To meet the objectives, Street Plans helped assemble a workgroup comprised of an array of community partners and regional transportation agencies including representatives from SCM Community Transportation, the Cambridge Health Alliance, the Cambridge Council on Aging, the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), and the Charles River Transportation Management Association (TMA).

Jean Lafitte, LA Town Resiliency Plan

The town of Jean Lafitte is a centuries old settlement located along Bayou Barataria, approximately 22 miles south of New Orleans. The Jean Lafitte Town Resiliency Plan was developed to help the town overcome converging economic and environmental challenges related to hurricane recovery and increased flooding due to coastal erosion and sea level rise. Street Plans joined the Town Resiliency planning team, led by Dover Kohl & Partners, to provide bicycle and pedestrian design and planning services.

Oyster Bay, NY 48x48x48

A myriad of interrelated challenges currently face Long Island’s suburbs. From smart growth zoning obstacles, to a lack of infrastructure investment, to brain drain, the solutions require an immense amount of regional coordination. 48x48x48 is a replicable, community building process targeting opportunity areas at three time scales: hours, weeks, and months. Inspired by the inefficiency of conventional planning and implementation processes, 48x48x48 emphasizes immediate action through cooperative community participation. Alongside DoTank, Street Plans worked with the Oyster Bay Main Street Association to empower local residents to restructure the way they understand the social and physical fabric of their community.

Bayfront Parkway

Transforming Biscayne Boulevard’s six median parking lots into a green doorstep for downtown Miami has been planned and discussed for many years. However, until recently action had never been taken.

City of MiamI, FL District 2 Bicycle Map

In collaboration with Green Mobility Network, Miami’s leading active transportation advocacy organization, Street Plans developed the City of Miami’s first bicycle map. The map, which focuses on Miami’s core neighborhoods is a project of District 2 City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.

Damariscotta, ME Heart + Soul Master Plan

The Street Plans Collaborative provided bikeway network, bicycle parking, and other urban planning services for the Damariscotta, Maine Heart and Soul Community planning initiative. Funded by the Orton Family Foundation, and completed in collaboration with B. Dennis Town Planning and Design, TSPC was tasked with reviewing Damariscotta’s existing bicycle and pedestrian mobility plan. TSPC provided a comprehensive bikeway route overlay plan, which included the introduction of five contextually appropriate bikeway types. TSPC’s work also included a bicycle parking guide detailing bicycle rack location, design, and implementation standards.

Dennis Port, MA Master Plan

The Street Plans Collaborative joined B. Dennis Town & Building Design, Dover, Kohl & Partners, and Portsmouth, NH based TND Engineering to provide bikeway planning and design support for the Dennis Port, Massachusetts Redevelopment and Revitalization Master Plan Charrette.

Miami, FL Bicycle Action Plan

Street Plans Principal Mike Lydon served as a primary author of the City of Miami’s first Bicycle Action Plan. The Plan identifies numerous goals, actions, policies, and programs intended to make Miami safer and more inviting for bicyclists.

Bristol, CT Conceptual Bike Plan

Bristol Rising is an innovative, crowd-sourced downtown redevelopment and placemaking plan being led by the development firm Renaissance Downtowns.

City of Miami Bike-Friendly Community Application

In 2008, the City of Miami was ranked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top three worst US cities for bicycling.

The Smart Growth Manual

Everyone is calling for smart growth, but what exactly is it? In The Smart Growth Manual (McGraw-Hill; November 2009; Softcover: $24.95) noted new urbanists Andres Duany and Jeff Speck, who co-authored the acclaimed Suburban Nation, provide a thorough answer. This fullcolor manual, written with Mike Lydon of Street Plans, organizes the latest contributions of new urbanism, green design, and healthy communities into a comprehensive handbook. It is intended to be a central resource for those who aim to put smart growth into practice, and to assess the work of those who purport to do so.

Tactical Urbanism: Vol. 1 + 2

Improving the livability of our towns and cities commonly starts at the street, block, or building scale. While larger scale efforts do have their place, incremental, small-scale efforts often serve as a stage for more substantial long-term investments. This approach allows a host of local actors to test new concepts before making substantial political and financial commitments.

The Open Streets Project

Open streets initiatives temporarily close streets to automobile so that people may use them for just about any activity but driving—walking, jogging, bicycling, dancing and just about any other physical activity. Today, there are more than 65 open streets initiatives in the United States and Canada.

Tactical Urbanism SALONS

The Tactical Urbanism Salon travels to different cities to highlight and draw together individuals, organizations, and local government departments seeking new ways to overcome existing challenges in the built environment. Participants help build interventions, listen to peer presentations, and take part in peerto- peer workshops or small group discussion based on topics generated from the audience.

Living Urbanism

LIVING URBANISM is a forum for ideas, proposals, and critiques that stretch beyond the daily discourse of architecture, urban design & planning practice. Controversial ideas and topics are welcomed as they foster discussion and innovation. Critique is desired as it initiates the refinement of ideas. Bold research, inquiry and new perspectives are encouraged. The collection of these writings, illustrations and initiatives will help guide us as we work toward an improved built environment. LIVING URBANISM is directed and edited by Matthew Lambert, Mike Lydon, and Russell Preston.

SmartCode Bicycle Module

The SmartCode Bicycle Module was researched and authored by Mike Lydon and Tony Garcia of The Street Plans Collaborative, with assistance from Zachary Adelson. Street Plans has calibrated the module in El Paso, Texas and Fitchburg, WI

Street Seats

As silly as it sounds, the opportunity to sit down is one of the great joys, if not necessities of urban living. Yet cities the world over fail to provide enough places for people to rest, socialize, or simply watch the world go by. We think this needs to change, so we’ve created Street-, an open source project (please contribute!) documenting the wide variety of creative and informal seats, benches, and urban perches gifted by New York City’s small businesses, advocacy organizations, and everyday neighborhood caretakers.

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